Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our First Christmas!!

This year was not only Addyson's first Christmas but Daniel and my first Christmas together. It was wonderful. On Christmas Eve, we went to his mom's house and had Christmas dinner. Daniel's brother and fiance` and his sister and niece were there also. Polly (daniel's mom) made what I like to call "Christmas Candy" and had it sitting on the table when you walked in. We had a delicious dinner and of course snacked on "Christmas Candy" afterwards. We opened presents after dinner. Addyson got clothes and stuffed animals. Daniel and I got clothes and a fire pit which we will enjoy when we cook-out.?

Christmas morning was so much fun. Santa brought Addyson a Leap Frog Learn and Groove table. She loves it! Daniel and I got her a bunch of clothes and stackable stars that play music. Also an elephant that when you press it's nose it giggles and vibrates. Honestly, I think she cared more about the wrapping paper than the actual presents. It was so funny. Everytime she would tear the paper from a present she would take it straight to her mouth. Daniel and I decided not to do presents with each other this year. We figured we could use the money elsewhere and really wanted Addyson to have a great first Christmas.

Christmas day we went to Daniel's grandparents house and had lunch with his family. This was the first Christmas as an Adams and with the Adams. We had a good time. Their tradition is a little different from the tradition I'm used to but it is definitely something that I could get used to. We ate lunch and had dessert. After dessert we all gathered around the tree and each family took a picture. I thought this was kind of neat because each year you a had a new picture of each family. After the pictures were taken the Christmas story is read. This year Daniel read it. Then the presents were to be opened. We got money, clothes, a cook book and Addyson got lots of clothes and a set of her first blocks.

Christmas evening Addyson and I went to Clarksdale to spend a couple days with my family. Every year we usually spend Christmas eve as a family watching "It's a wonderful life'' and eating junk food and riding around looking at Christmas lights. This year it was a little different. We spent time at my Mamaw's house visiting and then went to my parents' house in Batesville. Addyson got to open her presents. She got a 'Parker the piano' which is a pony that plays music when you push its feet. She also got her first Cabbage Patch baby and some clothes. Addyson loves all of her toys so much. This Christmas was a wonderful one.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Bath Time...

Addyson loves bath time. She is like a fish. She splashes so much.

Addyson Lee Adams

June 19, 2008, 7lbs 15ozs, 21in. @ 3:15pm

Addyson Lee Adams is our beautiful blessing from God. She was born on a Thursday afternoon. I have never felt so much love for someone in my life as I do my child. She is definitely an amazing gift. Daniel and I are so blessed to have a healthy child.

I started going into labor on that Tuesday morning around 4 am. I went to work that day but left around 3 pm because the contractions were starting to hurt. After Daniel got home from work that day we decided to head to the hospital because I thought it was time to go. The contractions were getting harder. After getting examined they sent me home. Apparently my contractions were too far apart to keep me there.

Wednesday night I had already been scheduled to come in and get ready for them to induce me that next morning. After a long miserable day I was finally given some drugs to ease the pain. The medicine knocked me out but only lasted for 2 hours. Lucky for me they allowed me a shot every hour. The medicine made me feel so hot!!! Poor Daniel, he was freezing and I was sweating but he took it like and champ and wrapped up in blankets. But really, who in their right mind would tell a pregnant lady in labor that they were going to mess with the thermostat!

Thursday morning the doctor came in and induced labor around 8 am and I got my epidural at 9:45 am. I can't describe the pain from the contractions during that time. When it was time to get my epideral all I could think about was how pretty my toes were. I had gotten a pedicure earlier that week. After the epideral, I was in heaven!!! PURE HEAVEN!!!

3:15 pm Addyson Lee Adams entered the world and we are so proud to have her!!!

Almost a year...

It's funny how fast time passes us by. On January 12, 2009, Daniel and I will have our one year anniversary! It seems like yesterday that we were standing on the alter saying "I Do". We have come a long way in our journey together and I'm glad to say that we are the closest we have ever been. Daniel is my best friend and my soul mate.

We met in 2004 in Cleveland, MS at the bowling alley. We had mutual friends and knew who each other was but had never officially met. Our first date was an engagement party for one of Daniel's friends. It was a crayfish bowl in Yazoo City. We were not an official couple yet considering this was our first date, but explaining that to pretty much everyone who he introduced me to was pretty funny. We had a great time.

Daniel and I hung out a lot after that but never really made our relationship official until the birthday weekend of my best friend, Emily. We had all hung out earlier that night and then went back to her house to hang out some more but for some reason Daniel and I got the bright idea to go riding around. Well we went and had so much fun talking and laughing and decided to give this relationship thing a shot.

On September 7, 2008, Daniel proposed. Now lets back track to earlier that day... That morning I got up and went to work. I really didn't feel very well but I went anyways. My parents were in the process of moving from Clarksdale to Batesville so my Dad was riding around and looking at houses since he was in that area. My Dad being highly allergic to wasps ended up getting stung on his head. Well my Mom told him to go to the hospital. So he went and no further did he walk in the emergency room he was getting stuck by nurses with eppy pens. Now I didn't find all this out till I got home from work that day. Apparently if he wouldn't have gone he would have died because his throat was starting to close up. I had already been having a bad day and this just made it even worse, but thank the Lord he was alright.

Later that night Daniel came over and we decided to go eat. He had been dying for a steak dinner so we went to Tico's Steak House. Neither one of us had ever been there before so we wanted to see what it was all about. We sat in the back corner of the restaurant and at the end of our meal Daniel made me close my eyes. As I did so all I could think about was why he didn't want me to see the bill. He grabbed my hand and told me how much he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and with that asked me to marry him. Well, of course I said ''Yes" but I was so shocked by it all. We had talked about it for years but I had no idea he had planned to ask me.

On October 19, 2008, we found out that I was pregnant. We made an appointment with my doctor and on November 15th we got to see our little angel for the first time. I was 9 weeks pregnant. With this said, we had originally set our wedding date for May, so we definitely had to move up the wedding. With a lot of help from my mom, we planned the wedding and had a beautiful one on January 12, 2008.